November 8, 2014

~~~Watercolor Beauties~~~

I recently bought a really awesome tool! A Water Brush! The one I bought is made by Tim Holtz. I purchased it from Hobby Lobby. Here is what the packaging looks like. I got if for only $10. If you print out a coupon from Hobby Lobby, you can save up to 50% !! Everybody likes to save money!

Tim Holtz - Water Brush

One of my most recent cards was made using this. It's a real beauty! I am really happy how it came out. So I thought I would share how I made it with you guys. First things first, you need to get all your supplies together. 

Here is a list of all the things I used:
Creme cardstock cut to 11" X 4 1/2\4" (card base)
Creme cardstock cut to 4 1/8" X 5 1/4" (card mat)
Pencil and eraser
Paper towel
Acrylic block
Washi tape (you can use masking tape)
Buttercup colored ink (it doesn't say the name of the company on the case)
Tim Holtz - Water Brush
Crayola Washable Markers

I used markers for my 'watercolor'. You can use ink pads, re-inkers or even watercolor. I didn't use watercolor paper. So my paper warped a little. But once I dried it all the way and glued it down to my card, it was just fine. So on to the pictures!

Sketching out for watercoloring

Draw out what you want as your image. Don't worry about being perfect or even overlapping lines. Once you have colored it in, it won't matter. 

Masking a frame

Now take some Washi tape or masking tape and create a border around your card mat.

Inking a frame

Pick a light coordinating color to sponge around the edges of your masked area. I used a yellow, so that is was almost like sunshine! Using a light color is the best because you can still paint your water color over it if you need to. I tried to not sponge my ink over the flower areas. 

Masked and sponged frame

Here is what the frame looks like. I really like this effect.

Watercolor with water brush and markers

This is my set up for my water coloring. I only used 3 colors!! It's amazing what water can do!

Marker on acrylic block for water coloring

Take an acrylic block of any size and scribble on it. Yes, scribble on it. It will come off. It's ok! LOL

Marker water coloring - mid way through

I started with my magenta color for my flowers. I just dabbed my water brush on the acrylic block to pick up color. My paper towel was kept near by so I could blot. Make sure to THOROUGHLY dry in between colors. I used my heat gun to speed things up. If you don't wait until it's fully dry, you will get 'muddy spots'. I don't mind a little muddling. I like how it looks. :)

Hand drawn flowers - water color

Here is my finished picture. Once it was dry again, I used my eraser to erase the pencil lines. Not all of them came off, but it didn't really need it. 

Pigment ink and clear embossing powder

My last little touch was to add a sentiment. I really like to use pigment inks and clear embossing powder. I used Color Box - Paintbox for my ink and Zing - Clear embossing powder. It is just easier to use colored ink and clear powder, instead of owning lots of different powders.

Watercolor Beauties

Here is the final product! What a beautiful card! What do you think? 
By the way, the inside of the card says "...That God will keep you in his care."

I hope you have enjoyed this DIY. Please leave me a comment below and feel free to ask any questions. Share with your friends and let the beauty free!


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