All About Me

Where do I begin? At the beginning seems like a good place to start.

I was born in Towson, Maryland in the summer of 1982. I had an average childhood. I rode my bike with my best friend, all around our small town of Dundalk. I played with Barbies and Cabbage Patch Dolls. I listened to music on my boombox and recorded music off the radio.
I drank from the water hose. I even had crushes on celebrities like J.T.T. and Andrew Keagen. I'd say that I was a pretty average kid. 

But what makes me different is my love of paper.
I have always loved paper. I like to cut it, tape it, glue it, color on it, paint on it and so on and so forth. If it can be done with paper, I wanna give it a try! As a little girl, I frequently got in trouble for leaving paper crumbs all over the place. You know? The little bits left over after you have cut paper. Those little crumbs that fall on the floor and you forget about. I also would lose my Daddy's scissors and use up all the tape. But if it wasn't for all my lil' paper crumbs, I wouldn't  be as creative as I am today.

Love of paper

So fast forward a few years. I am the proud Momma of 3 little boys. Allen, Zachariah and Benjamin. They are my world and my everything! Without them, my life would be a very boring place. Because any mom of boys knows, there is never a dull moment with boys!

My boys - Lil' Paper Crumbs

I enjoy doing fun things. Like photography, sewing AND paper crafting. Just to name a few. I got introduced to photography at birth practically. My father was a professional photographer, so I was always around cameras. Needless to say I was a ham! You pointed a camera at me and the show was on! Sewing is also something that I learned from a young age. My grandmother taught me to hand sew when I was about 8 or so. She also taught me to crochet. Although I don't crochet now. I still remember the basics if I need to. 

Then comes my love for handmade cards. When I was 14, my family and I had moved to VA. We were members of a small little church in a town called New Church. The pastors wife brought in rubber stamps, decorative papers, glues, stickers, fancy scissor and inks. This was my first real experience with card making. We made cards for the other members of church. Get well cards, Birthday cards and Thinking of you cards. I was hooked! I didn't really start sinking my teeth into card making until I was an adult though. I have been making cards and even selling them for about 5 years now. I am always looking into new techniques and trends. 

I have lots of things that are important to me and my family is just one of them. My faith is also very important to me. I was raised in church and I still go to church every chance I get. I believe in the One, true God. I believe that He sent His son, Jesus Christ to earth to save us all by His sacrifice of His life on the cross. God has done many things for me and my family and I know that He will continue to guide us. As a mother I strive to instill in my children my faith and the importance of a relationship with God. I pray for them daily and I pray that someday they grow up to be strong, godly men. 

Isaiah 43:18&19

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me! 
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