January 14, 2015

Upcycling YOU can do

Upcycling YOU can do 
Part 1 of 4

Upcycling isn't just about saving the earth. 
It is also about saving money and making your home look nicer with things you made! 
In this 4 part series, I will give you DIY instructions for 5 different upcycling crafts for your home. 

Baby Shampoo Bottle  --> Decorative Q-tip Holder

I can't stand seeing that ugly Q-tip box. So as the movie Robots says "See a need. Fill a need." 
Looking around I spotted the almost empty Baby Shampoo Bottle. 
That was when I had my 'A-ha!' moment. So here goes nothing. 

First things first, find yourself a Baby Shampoo Bottle. Empty would be preferable.
Mine was almost empty, so I was good to go.
(The one in the photo isn't empty as you can see. That isn't the one I used.)

The start of a Q-Tip holder - Lil' Paper Crumbs

Your next step is to draw out an oval. I drew my oval out on paper first. Next I traced it onto the bottle with a dry erase marker. Didn't want ugly sharpie marks left behind! 

Q-Tip holder: Drawing out your shape - Lil' Paper Crumbs

The great thing about dry erase marker is that it comes off plastic surfaces with just a wipe. 
With an Xacto knife, carefully cut out the oval shape. 
Don't worry about being precise, you will melt the edges later.

Q-tip holder: Cutting out your oval - Lil' Paper Crumbs

This next part should be done with a candle/fireplace lighter.
I find  that you have better control with a long lighter than a short regular lighter.
Plus your less likely to burn your fingers if the metal part gets hot.

Q-tip holder: Melt the inner edge of oval - Lil' Paper Crumbs

Here comes the fun part! I used washi tape to decorate my bottle.
You could use whatever you have on hand. Sharpie markers or even acrylic paint would work.

Q-tip holder: Decorate your bottle - Lil' Paper Crumbs

Last but not least, take it to your bathroom and arrange your things to add in your beautiful creation!

The great thing about this holder is it can lay down or stand up, whichever you prefer.

I hope you have enjoyed this Upcycle. Do you think you would use this? 
My bathroom looks so much better with it.
Next week I will publish Part 2 of Upcycling YOU can do!



  1. This is such a clever idea! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your comment love! I appreciate it so much. Be on the look out for my next part of the series.

  2. How cute! And simple! And smart to burn the plastic a bit!


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