December 30, 2015

The end of it and the beginning

My tree is done and down. Now on to getting clean and ready for the new year. In the following days, dust will fly, rags will get rung and loud rock ballads will be played.

As the new year approaches, I am excited and apprehensive. In less than 2 weeks l will be a full time college student. The excitement of it just has me bubbly some days. But this is my first year, I am also nervous. What if I fail? What if I'm not meant to go down this path?

But that is when I stand firm in my faith! I am a child of the One true God. He is my provider and my rock. I have prayed over this many, many times. I always have the same feeling of peace and blessing.

So the plan is to get my BA in Arts and my BA in Education. I am going to be an Elementary School Special Education Teacher. I have a passion for children and children with special needs. In today's society there is still a large need for people who love and support those with special needs and disabilities. I strongly believe that you are not your diagnosis! You are only restricted by what you to allow. (within reason)

I have witnessed the change in a child that was no longer kept in the confines of their diagnosis. When they were given the freedom to grow and reach, it is amazing! My prayer is to help other children have that ability. To reach and strive to break free of the box they have been put it!!!

Stay tuned for my adventure into college.


July 26, 2015


Hello all! It's been several months since my last post. Putting aside my blog and my business has been hard. But it was necessary in order for me to get my family settled into our new life. Now I'm back and you can expect to see new posts and new products from Lil' Paper Crumbs!!

While speaking about Lil' Paper Crumbs, I wanted to fill you in on a few things. My business is growing and I hope to continue to grow it. Be on the look out for my new Etsy Shop and also continued work with and

As for my recent works, here is a picture for you to see!

Woodland Friends note card set
Woodland Friends note set is a 3X4" card set with matching envelopes. With this beautiful, water colored set you will receive: 2 - Birthday, 1 - Miss you, 1 - Get well and 1 - Thank you. For only $6! That's right! $6 for 5 hand painted cards! Contact me today to order your set!


Erin E. Sears
Lil' Paper Crumbs

February 12, 2015

Sad to say....But Happy!

My blogging 'career' will have to be put on the back burner for now. I have obtained a full time job!! So as for having time to's not really gonna happen. Seeing as I am a mother of 3 and now I have full time employment, I don't really know when I will get  back on here.

I still have 2 more parts to my series: Upcycling YOU can do. So be on the look out for those, hopefully soon. No promises!

Well you guys, it has been fun.


February 4, 2015

Mid-Week Chat 2-4-15

Mid-Week Chat - Diving into God's Word with Lil' Paper Crumbs

It has been several weeks since I posted a Mid-Week Chat. My life has been a series of ups and downs for sometime now. I just got separated from my husband, only 1 month ago. I rung in the new year in a new home, new town and new state. 

But today it was placed on my heart to have our little chat and 
share with you some things that God has been doing in my life.

Moving forward is hard. Even when you feel like you can't do it, if you just let God have control and listen to His spirit, He will guide you and be with you. I am reminded of the poem Footprints.

All to often we forget that God is in control and never leaves us. 
The Bible say "Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden light." Matthew 11:29 & 30

What a beautiful thing to rest in! He doesn't promise us no work or no burdens, but he does promise that with Him, it will be easier than if we go it alone. God is faithful! He has proven to me time and time again, that if I trust in him daily and be obedient, He will provide for me.

What has He done for you lately? How have you seen the provisions of God in your life?


January 25, 2015

365 Project - Week 3

Here are all my photos I have taken this past week for my 365 Project. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to comment, pin and share!

Fish inside - Lil' Paper Crumbs 
This one was an unexpected find. I was looking for something abstract to photograph and there it was. It was laying next to the sink to be cleaned. So this photo was born. LOL

Button, Button - Lil' Paper Crumbs

My grandmother collected buttons. She had so many jars and containers of them. 
This is just a small amount of the ones she had. 
I have added my own and I often use them for crafts.

Peaceful Palmetto - Lil' Paper Crumbs

South Carolina's state tree is the Palmetto Palm. 
This photo was taken by a beautiful pond right before sunset.

Blazing - Lil' Paper Crumbs

I thought the orange of the sky made the trees look like they were on fire. Such a beautiful color!

Cruising - Lil' Paper Crumbs

This is my middle son, Zachariah. It's not too often that I capture his essence.
I really like this one of him.

My passion - Lil' Paper Crumbs

I love making greeting cards!!
This was one that  I made this week for a young man's birthday.

King Kong - Lil' Paper Crumbs

What a cool shot! When I was down at Myrtle, I saw this on top of a wax museum.

Rotting away - Lil' Paper Crumbs

I drive right past this several days a week. 
It is right across the street from my church. I finally stopped and took a few shots.


January 22, 2015

Upcycling YOU can do - Part 2 of 4 - Pencil Holder

Upcycling YOU can do 
Part 2 of 4

Upcycling isn't just about saving the earth. 
It is also about saving money and making your home look nicer with things you made! 
In this 4 part series, I will give you DIY instructions for 5 different upcycling crafts for your home.

Food Cans ---> Pencil Holder

Most crafters have made a pencil holder or two in their day.
But today I am going to show you how to make one that is a little bit different.
This pencil holder takes 2 cans, one large and one small.
I wanted a pencil can that you could keep your pens separated from your pencils.

Pencil Holder - Lil' Paper Crumbs

Supplies needed are:
Large aluminum can
Small aluminum can
hot glue gun
tacky glue or other strong glue

Pencil Holder - Lil' Paper Crumbs

Use your ruler to measure the size of the label on the large can.
Glue it with your tacky glue, right to the label already on the can.

Pencil Holder - Lil' Paper Crumbs

Now that you have made the big can pretty, on to the little one.
The great thing is you don't have to do anything to it!
Put several rings of hot glue on the bottom of the small can.
Place it into the center inside of the bigger can.
Like this...

Pencil Holder - Lil' Paper Crumbs

Now all you have to do is fill it. I made this for my boys to have in their room.
It is filled with pencils and has a few pens, highlighters and rulers.

Pencil Holder - Lil' Paper Crumbs

As you can see, the inside can creates a nice small space to put your pens and highlighters.
I also placed a few small rulers in that gap. 

Pencil Holder - Lil' Paper Crumbs

Here is the finished product, sitting in my boy's room!
What ya think? Do you use pencil cans?

I hope you are enjoying this Upcylcing YOU can do series.
Please leave me a comment below, share and pin!


January 20, 2015

Life's Up's and Down's

You know those times when it seems like there has been a series of bad events, one right after another? When you just wanna say "What else can go wrong?". That is where I am right now. For the past several months things just want to go wrong, one right after another. I know what you might be thinking, that this post is going to be a big whoa as me story. Well, guess again. I wanted to share with you what I do when I start feeling 'poor me'. 

People get through tough things differently. I pray and talk to God and He gives me peace. Also I talk with friends and get advice and just plain ole' vent. One of the quick pick me ups that I use most, other than relying on God, is crafts! Specifically, paper crafts. I really enjoy paper crafts!!!!!!!!!

Today was a rough day. It was full of tough situations and decisions. So this evening I set down to create a paper craft. Not only did I want it to be pretty, I wanted it to be inspiring. Truly, I feel that I accomplished that. Here is the finished product.

Book page upcycle - Lil' Paper Crumbs

I created this from a page out of an old photography book. That inspired me to create a scene with two different stamps that I own. A camera and a film strip/negative strip. Before I created my little painting, I drew and stamped it out just like I would on the final paper, only on scrap paper. Once I was satisfied with that, on to making the actual artwork.

The first step was to stamp on my images with Stazon ink. This is great! You can stamp on just about anything and once it is dry, it is really hard to remove. After that dried, my pencil and I drew out the camera strap. The white/opaque background was created with white acrylic paint. Starting with a thin layer and then adding more as you need, you can recreate this too. Last but not least was the lettering.
From searching on Google, this quote was found. I don't know who originally wrote it, but I felt that it really fit my project and my current events in my life. So I grabbed a sharpie and got to work. 

Do you do any mixed media art? What do you usually use? Is it simple or intricate?
Please leave me a comment below. Share and subscribe!!


January 17, 2015

365 Project - week 2

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen. Here is my recap of my week with 365 Project. 
I hope you enjoy it and leave me some comment love!

Misted Sunset - Lil' Paper Crumbs

I saw this out my window while I was folding laundry. 
Quickly I through on my flip flops and ran out.

Pet me, Love me - Lil' Paper Crumbs

This little handsome fellow really enjoys being petted. He was bugging me on the couch. 
So he became my muse for the day.

Beauty - Lil' Paper Crumbs

What beauty this face holds. She is a mysterious cat. 
Hides most of the day, but at out!

...for the new year - Lil' Paper Crumbs

I have hope for this new year. Hope that my life will be better. That things will change for good.

Rested Soul - Lil' Paper Crumbs

I have lived inland for too long! The walk on the beach that I had really did my soul good. Talking with God and getting sand between my toes is going to be a weekly thing from now on!

Frosted Metal - Lil' Paper Crumbs

Last but not least, today's photograph. While sitting and eating my breakfast I looked out the back door to see everything covered in frost. My mom brought me her hard soled slippers and on my coat went. Donned gloves and grabbed my camera and out I went. 
got several great shots, but this by far was my favorite.

Do you partake in photography? What is your hobby? Do you blog about your hobby?
Until next time.


January 14, 2015

Upcycling YOU can do

Upcycling YOU can do 
Part 1 of 4

Upcycling isn't just about saving the earth. 
It is also about saving money and making your home look nicer with things you made! 
In this 4 part series, I will give you DIY instructions for 5 different upcycling crafts for your home. 

Baby Shampoo Bottle  --> Decorative Q-tip Holder

I can't stand seeing that ugly Q-tip box. So as the movie Robots says "See a need. Fill a need." 
Looking around I spotted the almost empty Baby Shampoo Bottle. 
That was when I had my 'A-ha!' moment. So here goes nothing. 

First things first, find yourself a Baby Shampoo Bottle. Empty would be preferable.
Mine was almost empty, so I was good to go.
(The one in the photo isn't empty as you can see. That isn't the one I used.)

The start of a Q-Tip holder - Lil' Paper Crumbs

Your next step is to draw out an oval. I drew my oval out on paper first. Next I traced it onto the bottle with a dry erase marker. Didn't want ugly sharpie marks left behind! 

Q-Tip holder: Drawing out your shape - Lil' Paper Crumbs

The great thing about dry erase marker is that it comes off plastic surfaces with just a wipe. 
With an Xacto knife, carefully cut out the oval shape. 
Don't worry about being precise, you will melt the edges later.

Q-tip holder: Cutting out your oval - Lil' Paper Crumbs

This next part should be done with a candle/fireplace lighter.
I find  that you have better control with a long lighter than a short regular lighter.
Plus your less likely to burn your fingers if the metal part gets hot.

Q-tip holder: Melt the inner edge of oval - Lil' Paper Crumbs

Here comes the fun part! I used washi tape to decorate my bottle.
You could use whatever you have on hand. Sharpie markers or even acrylic paint would work.

Q-tip holder: Decorate your bottle - Lil' Paper Crumbs

Last but not least, take it to your bathroom and arrange your things to add in your beautiful creation!

The great thing about this holder is it can lay down or stand up, whichever you prefer.

I hope you have enjoyed this Upcycle. Do you think you would use this? 
My bathroom looks so much better with it.
Next week I will publish Part 2 of Upcycling YOU can do!