January 8, 2015

Finally! Come and see some photos!

My old computer cord broke some time ago. So I was just using my husbands. Well, situation arose that I would need my own. I ordered a new one and it finally came! I ordered it on the 3rd and it just got here. Now I can get back to blogging!

My 365 project is going ok. I felt lost without my computer. My photos were coming from my cell phone and that was frustrating. But now that my computer isn't dead anymore, I can start posting pics from my camera again. As promised though, here are my first 8 photos.

Frosted Beauty - 365Project

Self Esteem - 365Project

The joys of stickiness - 365Project

Breakfast of Champions - 365Project

 Stryker - 365Project

Perspective - 365Project

Sleepy Feet - 365Project

Mags - 365Project

Are you doing something new this year? I would love to hear about it! 
What do you think of my photos? I am going to try a some new challenges next week. I don't know what yet, but it will be fun!!



  1. This year, on my blog, I want to at least do one non-recipe post a month. I started a news letter as well so that I can show the other side of "me" to my readers.

    1. I am always looking for new recipes to try. That's good that you are trying to expand your niche. I'm still trying to establish my blog, so I tend to stay with what I know. Thanks so much for the comment love!

  2. I hadn't thought of doing this, but maybe I should. I do try to put a little bit of me into some of my posts.


    1. I think being 'real' is important. I try to make my readers feel like they know me. Thanks so much for coming by and leaving me a comment!

  3. You have such a cute cat. :) I loved seeing all your pictures.

    1. Thank you, Jazmine. It actually my mom's cat. He is a sweetie and I love taking pictures of him. Come by and see more photos again soon!

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    1. Thanks, Tami for coming by! I will have to checkout your page as well!!


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