January 25, 2015

365 Project - Week 3

Here are all my photos I have taken this past week for my 365 Project. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to comment, pin and share!

Fish inside - Lil' Paper Crumbs 
This one was an unexpected find. I was looking for something abstract to photograph and there it was. It was laying next to the sink to be cleaned. So this photo was born. LOL

Button, Button - Lil' Paper Crumbs

My grandmother collected buttons. She had so many jars and containers of them. 
This is just a small amount of the ones she had. 
I have added my own and I often use them for crafts.

Peaceful Palmetto - Lil' Paper Crumbs

South Carolina's state tree is the Palmetto Palm. 
This photo was taken by a beautiful pond right before sunset.

Blazing - Lil' Paper Crumbs

I thought the orange of the sky made the trees look like they were on fire. Such a beautiful color!

Cruising - Lil' Paper Crumbs

This is my middle son, Zachariah. It's not too often that I capture his essence.
I really like this one of him.

My passion - Lil' Paper Crumbs

I love making greeting cards!!
This was one that  I made this week for a young man's birthday.

King Kong - Lil' Paper Crumbs

What a cool shot! When I was down at Myrtle, I saw this on top of a wax museum.

Rotting away - Lil' Paper Crumbs

I drive right past this several days a week. 
It is right across the street from my church. I finally stopped and took a few shots.



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