October 9, 2014

**** Fun cards for little boys! ****

I have 2 sweet little boys in my life, that have birthdays this month. So I made them each a really cool card!

Without further ado.....

For this fun Batman card I used the following:
Grey/blue cardstock
Yellow computer paper
Black cardstock
Grey cardstock
black stickles
0.5 pen
3M tape gun

My 13 year old son, Allen, free hand drew the Batman symbol for me. 
I put it all together and this is what I got!

For the dump truck card I used:
Kraft cardstock
blue cardstock
Green cardstock
Black cardstock
Yellow printer paper

I free hand drew all the dump truck parts. My son Allen traced all the cut out pieces onto empty cereal type boxes and cut them out. This way I can use them again!
I cut it, glued it and Voila!

I think they came out so cute! I hope they really enjoy them!

What do you think? Do you ever make cards like these? Leave me a comment below.



  1. I do not have the talent to do crafty things. Now my daughter and grandsons they are crafty. I look forward too the times when I get handmade cards.

  2. With my DIY's you can be crafty! Be on the look out for a simple but crafty card DIY! Just for you!


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