December 30, 2015

The end of it and the beginning

My tree is done and down. Now on to getting clean and ready for the new year. In the following days, dust will fly, rags will get rung and loud rock ballads will be played.

As the new year approaches, I am excited and apprehensive. In less than 2 weeks l will be a full time college student. The excitement of it just has me bubbly some days. But this is my first year, I am also nervous. What if I fail? What if I'm not meant to go down this path?

But that is when I stand firm in my faith! I am a child of the One true God. He is my provider and my rock. I have prayed over this many, many times. I always have the same feeling of peace and blessing.

So the plan is to get my BA in Arts and my BA in Education. I am going to be an Elementary School Special Education Teacher. I have a passion for children and children with special needs. In today's society there is still a large need for people who love and support those with special needs and disabilities. I strongly believe that you are not your diagnosis! You are only restricted by what you to allow. (within reason)

I have witnessed the change in a child that was no longer kept in the confines of their diagnosis. When they were given the freedom to grow and reach, it is amazing! My prayer is to help other children have that ability. To reach and strive to break free of the box they have been put it!!!

Stay tuned for my adventure into college.



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