December 10, 2014

Mid-Week Chat 12/10/14 ~ James 1:19

Mid-Week Chat ~ Diving into God's Word

Hi there! I hope so far your week has been well. Today I am going to share with you the newest verse that I am trying to memorize and apply to my life. Do you memorize Bible verses? It's not just for little one. We are to hide His words in our hearts. (Psalms 119:11) The best way I see to do that is memorize and live out God's word.

James 1:19

Like so many of us, I am quick to speak harshly and be angry. I wish that wasn't the case. All to often, it is. My desire is to learn and practice the words of this verse. Not only do I deserve better than to be angry all the time, but most importantly my children deserve better. 

The first part of this verse is very important too. "be slow to speak," Wow! My mouth opens way too fast most of the time. Words come to my brain and I open my lips and let them spill out. How about you? How often do you find words just tumbling out? If your like me, it's all the time. I wonder how many things I miss hearing because I just jump to talking. 

Let us be slow to speak and slow to anger. We deserve it and so do our family members. With God's help, we can make this verse come alive. I pray that we that do that. 



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