October 21, 2014

Mid-Week Chat 10/22/14

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a good week. My week has been OK. 

Sunday was my husband's Birthday. 
I made steamed California Blend (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots) and Gnocchi with spinach and cream sauce. For desert I had made a Blanch Mange with Banana (corn starch English pudding). The sad thing is, it didn't turn out. When I had put it in the refrigerator, it was set and thick like a pudding. When I took it out the next day....IT WAS SOUP! I was so upset!! I left the room crying. I felt like I had completely ruined everything. But after my pity party, I had an idea. We have an electric ice cream maker. I thought I could turn it into ice cream. And I did! It was so yummy! I had even made homemade whipped cream for on top. So the next day we had banana pudding ice cream with homemade whipped cream! 

Tuesday I cleaned some around the house and made something so cool for my kids. I had seen this really cool DIY video on Youtube from SeaLemon. Here is the link DIY recycled candy box book. I made one for each of my older boys and one for me! They were really easy and they are SO cute! Thanks, SeaLemon!

Here are some photos. Please leave me your comments down below! 



  1. They are cool looking.mine would need too be chocolate.

  2. The DIY I followed used Junior Mints for theirs. They said it smelled so good!


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